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B-CDMA Solution

Binary CDMA which originated in Korea is the technology for the short range radio transmission, it has both advantages of CDMA and TDMA, and it enables the video transmission and multimedia transmission.
The wireless access technology which is released or developed by now contains some problems such as radio interferences and etc. In order to solve these problems, Binary CDMA is the unique technology, has the both CDMA's advantage and TDMA's advantage and it is the solution that has been developed in Korea.

SMEC is focusing to the development of solutions with use of video modem and data modem on the base of B-CDMA technology and is finding new market in security area, IoT area, AMR area and etc. in domestic and global.

Application Area

  • AMR(Electric Power, Water, Gas, Thermal)
  • Monitoring of environment, weather and calamity
  • Home Network
  • Facility Management
  • Ubiquitous Service
  • ITS
  • CCTV
  • Logistic Management
  • Sensor Networks
  • Factory Automation

Features of B-CDMA Technology

  • The world first technology specifying the merit of CDMA & TDMA.
    • - CDMA's advantage of inherent interference immunity of and TDMA's advantage of high speed transmission & low power consumption
    • - Support variable data rate in order to cope with unstable radio environment(6~55Mbps)
  • Long range data transmission performance superior to existing other wireless local solution
    • - Max. 500m transmission of Video, voice and data without AP
  • Dynamic Channel Allocation in order to use other wireless solution without interference at the same time
    • - Possible to use with WLAN, Bluetooth, ZigBee and etc. at the same time
  • Independent Networking
    • - Ad-Hoc networking independently between devices without AP separately.
    • - Max. 250 Active devices connection logically per one Pico-net.
  • Reliable Data Transmission Technology
    • - Guarantee the Data Reliability & QoS coping with the multiple access error
    • - Support the Security-Encryption of transmission Data

Technical Standard

  • Domestic Standards : KS X4650-1, KS X4650-2
  • International Standard : ISO/IEC JTC1 SC6 N14771

Comparison of Technology

Item Binary CDMA Zigbee Bluetooth Wireless-LAN
Service Radius 800m 100m 10m 100m
Mobility 80km/h X X Walking
Video File Support Possible X X Possible
Originality of Technology Korea Overseas Overseas Overseas
Security Very Good Worse Worse None
Principle Country for International Standard Korea USA Europe USA

Network Configuration

1. AMR System

Network Configuration

2. IP Camera System

Network Configuration