NGN Solution

Media Gateway Controller

The Media Gateway Controller(MC1) provides IMS MGCF functionality, offering advanced routing and control solutions to seamlessly interworking the PSTN/CS and packet networks of fixed and mobile operators. The MC1 offers a number of integrated features for fixed and mobile operator networks, including: call control and routing, media gateway control, billing, and element manager.
The MC1 also supports video in addition voice, offering 3G-324M protocol control for interworking with WCDMA networks and media control. It also offers simplified migration from telephony supplementary services to video supplementary services. All of these features makes the MC1 an effective control element for PSTN/CS and packet networks, allowing fixed and mobile operators to reduce their operating expenses while increasing revenues from new VoIP and video based services.


    • - Interworking circuit and packet networks
  • Compact NGN Class 4
    • - Low-cost, highly scalable softswitch
    • - Seamlessly migrates from TDM to NGN
  • Video Service
    • - Video interworking between fixed and wireless network
    • - IVVR, Video CRBT service


  • MGW Management

    MGW Management

    support distributed MGWs and Resource control using MEGACO
  • Flexible Network Interworking

    Flexible Network Interworking

    Multiprotocol support for legacy and converged networks
  • Video Service Control

    Video Service Control

    Multimedia control using 3G-24M protocol & H.245
  • Signaling Interface
    • - Multiprotocol support for legacy and converged networks
    • - Flexible protocol interworking between ISUP/BICC and SIP
    • - SIGTRAN (M3UA, SCTP)
  • Call control and routing
    • - Call control
    • - Number translation/routing
  • Media Gateway Control
    • - Support distributed media gateways
    • - Resource control using MEGACO
  • Billing
    • - Internal CDR generation
    • - DIAMETER-based IMS offline charging
  • Integrated EMS
    • - Remote and centralized OAM control of multiple MC1 nodes
    • - SNMP
  • Video Service Control
    • - 3G 324M protocol management
    • - Multi-media call control using H.245

Network Configuration

Network Configuration