LTE Gateway Solution

Evolved Packet Data Gateway(ePDG)

The SMEC Evolved Packet Gateway(ePDG) establishes secure IPsec tunnels between UE & ePDG via WiFi access network while using IKE to authenticate subscribers through the DIAMETER / RADIUS AAA server connected via Diameter or RADIUS. Using GTP or PMIP connections to the P-GW, the ePDG provides mobility support as the subscriber roams between WiFi and LTE network, across WiFi networks(MOBIKE).


  • 3GPP LTE ePDG for VoWiFi
  • Data, Interworking between LTE and untrusted WiFi
  • Data Offload and Local Breakout
  • Local Breakout, Coverage Extension


  • 3GPP Standard

    3GPP Standard

    3GPP Standard based ePDG Solution
  • High Availability

    High Availability

    Carrier-grade 99.999% availability
  • Multiple Interfaces

    Multiple Interfaces

    WiFi/LTE Interworking with SWu, SWm, S2b
  • 3GPP Standard based ePDG Solution
  • SWu interface to interwork with WiFi attached UE
  • SWm interface to interwork with 3GPP standard AAA
  • S2b interface to interwork with PGW
  • Carrier-grade 99.999% availability

Network Configuration

Network Configuration