NGN Solution

Trunk Gateway

The broadband VoIP (Voice over IP Packet) media gateway, is a key element of a packet-based Next Generation Network (NGN). As a high-density carrier grade gateway, it can offer up to 10,000 DS0 channels and E1/T1 N+1 redundancy and STM-1 1+1 redundancy, while supporting a variety of voice codecs and high-quality VoIP service. Built for the networks of major telecommunication operators, it provides a stable communications network and high-quality service, reducing operator CAPEX/OPEX.


  • Toll switch substitution (TDM hair pin)
  • MGW/TGW for Class 4 VoIP network service use
  • MGW/TGW for Class 5 VoIP network service use
  • PRI/R2 PBX and NGN VoIP network interconnect


  • Scalability


    Scalable capacity by modular extension
  • Customizing


    simple customization using signaling protocols source developed in-house
  • 3GPP Standard

    3GPP Standard

    Open standard interfaces
  • Carrier grade reliability
  • Modular scalability up to 10,000 DS0 channels
  • Open standard interfaces
  • Complete redundancy ensuring the highest reliability
  • STM-1 1+1 , E1/T1 N+1 redundancy
  • PSTN interfaces (E1, T1, STM-1)
  • MEGACO protocol for softswitch connection (H.248, RFC3015)
  • PRI interface (LAPD, IUA, SCTP)
  • R2 interface
  • SNMP protocol for NMS connection
  • EMS/GUI for convenient centralized operation
  • Signaling protocol source developed in-house allowing for fast, low-cost customization
  • Extensive voice coding algorithms (G.711, G.729, G.723.1, EVRC, QCELP, etc)
  • Extensive resource functions (Tone, DTMF, Announcement)
  • Handles diverse FAX media (pass through, T.38)
  • Experience with a variety of deployments with Korean, Japanese, and European carriers

Network Configuration

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