Machinery Division

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Machinery Business Division is where we manufacture and sell machine tools(CNC Lathes, Machining Center and etc.), parts and robots associated with LCD production.

Started as machine tools division of Samsung Heavy Industries in 1989, we have been currently operating our production lines in both Gimhae, Gyeongnam Province and Daegu, Gyeongbuk Province. We develope, munufacture and sell high quality Machining Center, CNC lathe, Intergrated Equipment, Robots and etc. to both domestic and overseas market through domestic sales offices, agencies and overseas dealers.

Machinery business division has been developing the business with a variety of line-ups from small machines to medium and large machine tools aiming at over 60 countries around the world as well as domestic market. We will be gaining a competitive edge in the global market by actively carrying forward the advance of new business such as 3D printer while adding higher value to the exsiting business and intensively fostering intergrated equipment and robots as a future strategy business.

Started as machine tools division of Samsung Heavy Industries in 1989
Main Products
  • CNC Lathe, Machining center
  • Integrated Equipment(Robot, Laser)
  • Factory Automation System
  • Production Facility(Gimhae, Daegu)
  • Overseas Sales Network to over 60 countries

Gimhae Factory

CNC Lathe and MCT Assembly Line(1~5 Line)

Precision Assembly Line(ROBOT)

Line Name Equipment Name Specification Others
Robot Assembly Area Crane 10 Ton Steady Terperature and Humidity Room

Machining Center

Line Name Equipment Name Appellation Specification Others
6 Line 5 Axis Machining Center MCR-A5C 4000*2000 OKUMA
VERTICAL M/C LCV-1730 3000*1700 SMEC
5 Axis Machining Center MPE-2140E 4000*1800 TOSHIBA
Crane 5/10 Ton
7 Line 5 Axis Machining Center MPH-2140S 4000*1800 TOSHIBA(SAMSUNG)
5 Axis Machining Center MPC-3180 8000*2700 TOSHIBA
Gantry Grinder S7060/8M 8020*3500 WALDRICH COBURG
Heat Setter Induction Heat Setter 6000*2400 유안산전
JIG Boring M/C 410 TPA 100S 1000*1000 DIXI
Crane 2.8/10 Ton Steady Terperature and Humidity ROOM

Daegu Factory

Facility Area 23,859.40㎡
Building A Completion - Completed in April, 2016
- 1st floor area: 2,400㎡ (Basement floor, ground floor 3)
- Steady terperature and humidity facility(1,125㎡)
- Integrated Equipment, Robot, Available for Precision Machine Tools Production
Scheduled to be built Office Building, Building B, Building C