LTE Gateway Solution

Trust WiFi Access Gateway

The SMEC Trusted Wireless Access Gateway(TWAG) utilizes state of the art authentication protocols. It also supports a variety of mobility and tunneling protocols to support service when subscribers roam between WiFi and LTE coverage.
And the TWAG has features that can effectively identify and route certain traffic directly to the Internet, significantly reducing the amount of unnecessary traffic congestion in the core network.


  • Clientless I-WLAN Interworking
  • Interworking between LTE and trusted WiFi
  • Data Offload / Local Breakout


  • Mobility


    WiFi Network (AP/AC) based mobility
  • High Performance

    High Performance

    Large scale of WiFi AP deployment support
  • 높은 가용성

    High Availability

    Carrier-grade 99.999% availability
  • Standardized at 3GPP R-11(titled as SaMOG)
  • WiFi Network (AP/AC) based mobility solution
  • Able to support large service deployments of tens of thousands of WiFi APs
  • Carrier-grade 99.999% availability

Network Configuration

Network Configuration