NGN Solution

Media Gateway

The broadband VoIP (Voice over IP Packet) media gateway architected between the PSTN and IP-based network, is a key element of a packet-based Next Generation Network (NGN) that supports voice codec conversion. A compact carrier grade system, it can offer up to 4,000 channels to connect to the PSTN network or provide media conversion and switching to IP subscribers in an IP network under the control of a softswitch over gigabit Ethernet interface.


  • VoIP network integration
  • IP Centric network and PSTN network interconnection


  • Extensive Audio Codec

    Extensive Audio Codec

    Various Audio Codec Algorithms
  • Scalability


    Scalable capacity by modular extension
  • Customizing


    simple customization using signaling protocols source developed in-house
  • Carrier grade reliability
  • Modular scalability up to 4,000 channels
  • Open standard interfaces
  • Complete redundancy ensuring the highest reliability
  • STM-1 1+1 , E1/T1 N+1 redundancy
  • PSTN interface (E1, T1, STM-0, STM-1)
  • MGCP / MEGACO protocol for softswitch connection
  • SNMP protocol for NMS connection
  • EMS/GUI for convenient centralized operation
  • Signaling protocol source developed in-house allowing for fast, low-cost customization
  • Extensive voice coding algorithms (G.711, G.729A, G.726, G.723.1, EVRC, QCELP, AMR, etc)
  • Extensive resource functions (Tone, DTMF, Announcement)
  • Handles diverse FAX media (pass through, T.38)
  • Experience with a variety of deployments with Korean, Japanese, and European carriers

Network Configuration

Network Configuration