NGN Solution

Signaling Gateway

The signaling gateway, is architected to be between networks that use SS7 and SIGTRAN signaling, such as PSTN, IP, 2G/3G mobile and IMS networks, relaying and routing signaling messages between these different networks, as a key element of the Next-Generation Network (NGN). The NGSG offers TDM-LSL/ ATM-HSL interfaces for connecting to legacy SS7 networks and SIGTRAN interfaces for communicating with softswitches, MGCF and other SIGTRAN-based signaling nodes.


  • SS7 message relay between PSTN/ATM/SIGTRAN networks
  • SS7 STP substitution in legacy PSTN network
  • Interconnecting legacy SS7 signaling equipment in the 2G/3G mobile network with IP-based application servers (IP-SMSC,IP-HLR,IP-AuC, etc.)


  • High Performance

    High Performance

    634 TDM SS7 Signal Links
  • Extensive Interfaces

    Extensive Interfaces

    Extensive signaling network interfaces (E1, ATM E1, IP)
  • Easy Operation

    Easy Operation

    EMS/GUI for convenient centralized operation
  • Carrier grade reliability
  • Modular scalability
  • Open standard interfaces
  • Complete redundancy ensuring the highest reliability
  • High-density : 624 TDM SS7 signal links
  • Supports SS7 STP functionality
  • High-performance signaling bandwidth
  • Extensive signaling network interfaces (E1, ATM E1, IP)
  • Standard signal management protocols for connecting to softswitches (M3UA, SUA, M2PA, SCTP)
  • SNMP protocol for NMS connection
  • EMS/GUI for convenient centralized operation
  • Signaling protocol source developed in-house allowing for fast, low-cost customization
  • Experience with a variety of deployments with major telecommunications carriers

Network Configuration

Network Configuration