ICT Division

통신사업부 사업영역

Our Communications business division has been managing the business from the moment when cummunication technology started to come into wide use in Korea based on New Grid Co., Ltd, Korea's 1st generation communication venture established in 1991. We are leading the communications industry in both overseas and domestic markets with a wealth of development experience and high level of expertise in the wire-wireless field. Especially with high competitiveness and specialized technology in a solution coordinating Circuit Network and IP Network, we are offering solutions required by customers in various sectors such as domestic and overseas communications carriers, public sectors, enterpriseses and etc.

Our Communications business division strives to develop new products and invest in R&D and throught this, we have been doing our best to offer our solution to more and more customers. To provide against next generation's communication environment, we have also been striving to secure new technology such as IoT and continuoulsy doing our best to become a company specialized in the best wire-wireless communication solution.