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IMS Media Gateway

The VoIP (Voice of IP) and wireless network gateway architected for all IP-based 3G mobile networks and the IMS core of fixed-mobile networks, is a key element of the 3G CS core network and the IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) networks . Designed to serve as a gateway connecting two networks (i.e., PSTN and IMS, PSTN and 3G CS core, 3G RAN and 3G CS core, 3G CS and IMS, IMS and VoIP, etc.), the IMG-24K supports MEGACO (3GPP Mn, Mc) protocol for interconnecting the MGC (Media Gateway Controller) of an IMS network and the MSC server of the 3G CS core network.


  • IMS media gateway
    • - Voice bearer over Mb (AMR/RFC3267)
    • - MGC interworking over Mn interface (MEGACO)
    • - IMS-PSTN, IMS-3G mobile core, and IMS-VoIP networks interconnection
  • 3G Iu/CS media gateway
    • - ATM or IP based radio network (RAN: Radio Access Network) interconnection
    • - 2G BSC interconnection over A-interface (TDM)
    • - MSC server interworking over Mc interface (MEGACO)
    • - 3G-PSTN and 3G-IMS network interconnection


  • Various Media Integration

    Various Media Integration

    Support IMS and PSTN/3G/VoIP network interworking
  • Customization


    Simple customization with multiple interworking protocol
  • Enhanced Media Support

    Enhanced Media Support

    Conference, Recording/Announcement, Tone/DTMF play
  • Extensive media interface
    • - Interface between IMS and PSTN network
    • - Interface between IMS and 3G CS core network
    • - Interface between IMS and other VoIP network
  • Open Standard Interfaces
    • - 3G CS : Iu-CS (ATM/IP), Nb (ATM/IP), Mc
    • - IMS : Mb(RFC3267), Mn, 3G-324M
    • - ATM(AAL1, AAL2, AAL5), TDM (E1/T1, STM-0, STM-1), IPv4, IPv6
    • - ATM to ATM TrFO, ATM to IP TrFO, IP to IP TrFO
  • Extensive call scenarios
    • - Iu-MGW : Iu(ATM/IP)-Nb(ATM/IP), Iu(ATM/IP)-IMS, Iu(ATM/IP)-PSTN
    • - CS-MGW : Nb-Iu(ATM/IP), Nb(ATM/IP)-IMS, Nb(ATM/IP)-PSTN
  • Modular scalability (Up to 24K TrFO channel capacity)
  • Complete redundancy to ensure the highest reliability
  • Active/Standby duplication or N+1 redundancy
  • Extensive voice codecs (fixed/wireless voice codec, H.263, MPEG-4, H.264 video codec)
  • SNMP protocol for NMS connection
  • EMS/GUI for convenient centralized operation
  • Signaling protocol source developed in-house allowing for fast, low-cost customization
  • Offers Enhanced Media
    • - Conference, Recoding & Announcement, Tone Functions

Network Configuration

Network Configuration