About SMEC

CEO Message

Left: Won Jong-Beom, Right: Choi Young-sup

A company with a better future and dreams,
Technical Innovation company based on researching technique
SMEC. Co., Ltd will take the lead to create high-tech future.

Greetings to all of our honored shareholders and customers.

The world continues to change at a faster rate. Not only has SMEC taken part in that change, but has consistently endeavored over the past 20 years to lead that change. It was a time to open new markets, develop new technologies and create new trends

Especially after the merger of our Machine Tools and ICT Businesses, we resulting in record growth in revenues every year.

But we will not grow complacent. Instead, we shall continue to innovate and hold fast to the flow of change. And in the future, we shall continue producing these results while striving to diversify our revenue streams, develop new technologies and reduce costs in the face of the uncertain economic changes and recession.

We shall use our existing growth engines to support us as we rise to the challenge of making SMEC into a leading global corporation with a foundation of the best and brightest employees as we make this a year of innovation to select and focus, develop core technologies, and expand investment.

To our SMEC shareholders and customers!

All of our SMEC employees will become "Of One Mind and One Purpose" and never forget your interest and affection as we promise to do our best to manage in the direction where our customers and shareholders are our top priority.

We at SMEC will not stop striving to become the best in this new market paradigm by working towards continued innovation, securing new technologies and through customer focused management.

Instead of becoming complacent, we shall steady strive towards contributing to our society's development, as a genuine company that is loved by the people.

CEO Won Jong-Beom and Choi Young-sup