LTE Gateway Solution

LTE Smallcell Gateway(HeNB Gateway)

The SMEC LTE SmallCell Gateway(HeNB-GW) is a high-performance integrated security gateway and aggregation solution that establishes encrypted IPsec tunnels to the HeNB while aggregating control and user traffic from hundreds of thousands of Femtocells and routing the traffic to the operator core.


  • LTE HeNB Gateway
  • 3GPP IPsec Gateway (SeGW)


  • X2 service broker

    X2 service broker

    X2 handover between Macro eNB and HeNB
  • Integrated SeGW function

    Integrated SeGW function

    Integrated SeGW and HeNB GW
  • Scalability


    High Scalability with ATCA, COTs(commercial-off-the-shelf) server platform
  • HeNB gateway with Signaling(S1-MME) and/or Bearer(S1-U) traffic aggregation
  • Integrated SeGW function
  • X2 service broker (X2 handover between Macro eNB and HeNB)
  • Separate signaling and bearer processing modules(overload protection)
  • Hardware-based packet processing engines
  • Scalable ATCA standard platforms
  • Carrier-grade 99.999% availability

Network Configuration

Network Configuration