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Communication R&D Center has gathered development experience and exceptional expertise in an array of telecommunication field from ICT Convergence Solutions to Military Communication Solutions. Communication R&D center not only has developed essential telecommunication systems for IMS, 4G, LTE and Fixed line/mobile network, but also is making their best effort for the research and development of future communication technology such as 5G, IoT. Communication R&D Center is doing their utmost to lead global ICT technology and to offer the best solution to our customers.

  • 2015

    Military satellite Communication System-II Development
    • MobilitySubscriber Interface Moduledevelopment
    • IntegratedInterface Module, Switching Moduledevelopment
    • OTM, Airborne Subscribers Interface Moduledevelopment
    Server based
    SPG/ePDG Solution
    Server based SPG/ePDG solution development
    • Server based Security Gateway and evolved Packet Data Gateway development
    • Single universal x86server platform based
    • High-speed Packet Processing Technology
  • 2014

    Packet Gateway development for interworking between WLAN network and LTE network
    • Interworking functionality development between WLAN network and LTE network
    • Mobility functionality development between LTE network and WLAN
    • IPsec/IKE Security Function development between Handset andePDG
    • ATCA platform based
    • E2E IoT with Samsung Electronics EPC
    WiFi AC development
    • WiFi AP Controllerdevelopment(collaborating with WiFi AP Company)
    • Universal x86 server platform based
    • S/W basedHigh-speed packet processing & Virtualization Technology
  • 2013

    IBCF Solution
    IP-IP Transcoderdevelopment
    • Transcoding equipment for IBCF(Interconnection Border Control Function)development
    • Legacy TGW based technology is applied
    • Interworking with IBCF(Control+TrGW) solution
    DPI Solution
    Paging Proxy
    App Paging Proxy development
    • Optimization for App causing numerous paging among Mobile data traffic
    • Load reduction effect in LTE network by pagingoptimization
    • Early development of Demo-equipment for effect verification
    • Proven effectsby customers
    Video Solution
    MRF-AMC development
    • Audio, VideoConference-Calland Media Streaming Function
    • MRFP and TrGW business targetingKorean Network Operator
    • Expanding MRFP business targeting Foreign Network Operator
  • 2012

    묶음 Solution
    FMOG/FMOC development
    • Service bandwidth expansion by providing simultaneous access function to heterogeneous network(3GPP, Non-3GPP) of mobile
    • Seamless traffic mobility between heterogeneous networks
    • Participation in preceding research project related DatatrafficOptimization of network operators
    Small Cell Solution
    SCG(Small Cell Gateway) development
    • IPsec Security function of HeNB Access and interface interworking function between multiple HeNBs and EPC in LTE network
    • Reducing EPC performance load and resolvingsecurity problem of HeNB Access
    • Competitive services including coverage enhancement of LTE network and limited mobile resources utilization
    • EPC/Macro eNB load reduction in small cell network by X2 H/O without change of legacy nodes through unique X2 Service Broker function
    • Commercialized in LGU+, Korea
    • Commercialized in Chunghwa Telecom, Taiwan
    Mobile Remote Control
    Solution MoRicon
    MoRiCon(Mobile Remote Control) development
    • Remote monitoring(with video) for manufacturing machine by mobile handsetremote contro
    • Efficient machine operation by remote start & operation monitoring
  • 2011

    Security Solution
    PDG(Packet Data Gateway)
    • IP Security function, subscriber verification, QoS function, handset mobility management in 3GPP/WiMAX network
    • Expanding korean market portion by replacing legacy products of global companies
  • 2010

    Security Solution
    Small-Scale SeGW(Security Gateway) development
    • IPsec Security function, subscribers verification and QoS function in LTE/3G
    • Expanding korean market portion by replacing legacy products of global companies
    • Optimized Solution for Distributed Encryption Configuration(Minimum cost)
  • 2008

    Security Solution
    SBC(Session Border Controller) development
    • While interworking between handsets of heterogeneous networks, providing aggregation of various IP Access networks, IP Core network(IMS) protection, Security enforcement, subscriber session termination
    • Response to high demand of SBC by increased IP-IP calls by VoIP subscribers increase and increased necessity of network security
    • Expanding korean market portion by replacing legacy products of global companies
    Video Solution
    VMG(Video Media Gateway)
    • Integrated fixed/mobile video call service between 3G mobile network video-handset and IP(IMS) video-handset
    • Support video-call, videoringback, video announcement, video conference-call, video messagingservice, etc
    • Large-scale, Carrier-grade, High-Reliability(Redundancy)
  • 2007

    BcN Solution
    IPSL(IP Signaling Link) development
    • Small-scale MTP2-M2UA Signaling Gateway for BcN network
  • 2005

    BcN Solution
    TGW, MGW
    TGW(Trunk Gateway), MGW(Media Gateway) development
    • Media conversion between PSTN network and IP network, and interworking function with R2, PRI by PBX
    • NGTG-10K, NGTG-16K, NGMG-2K, NGMG-4K product lineup basedchannelaggregation capacity
  • 2003

    BcN Solution
    SGW(Signalling Gateway) development
    • Signaling conversion(No.7-SIGTRAN) and message mediation between PSTN network and BcN
    • Interworking between IP based applied server(IP-SMSC, IP-HLR etc) and SS7 signaling equipment of 2G/3G mobile networks