About SMEC


A Company making new value with integration of machine and communications! SMEC Co., Ltd.

History of SMEC

Machinery Industry Area

  • 10.01Participated in 2010 International Robot Industry Exhibition (KINTEX, Ilsan)
  • 09.01Participated in 2010 IMTS (Chicago, USA)
  • 07.01Supplied Complex CNC lathe to Kia Motors as a cooperating firm of Hanra Group (PL 2000SY)
  • 03.01Awarded by Minister of Knowledge and Economy on the 37th anniversary of Commerce and Industry Day
  • 12.01Newly chosen as industrial designated firm in 2010
  • 09.01Signed contracted with industrial complex in Kimhae (3,094m2), scheduled to move in 2012
  • 07.01Chosen as a venture firm (19th July 2009 ~ 18th July 2011)
  • 04.01Awarded with presidential prize for Single PPM
  • 12.01Accumulated number of LCD Robot production exceeds 1500
  • 08.01Designated as exceptional research center by the Ministry of Knowledge and Economy
  • 04.01Participated in 2008 SIMTOS (for expanded foreign and domestic market)
  • 12.01Produced 8th generation of LCD Robot and developed new model of Lathe and Machining Center (PL20SY, PL20SMC, PL25MC, LCV650, and also started to research on laser business)
  • 10.01Exhibited 6 types of machine tools at Turkey TATEF Machine Exhibition ( Exhibition also held in Italian EMO Show in Europe with two types of machine tools)
  • 05.01Supplied 62 8th generation LCD Link Robot to Japan, and developed LCV55S
  • 04.01Newly constructed and moved into a business complex at Daesan-meon, Changwon City (14,449㎡ land mass with 8,264㎡ building surface)
  • 10.01Certified with Environment Business System (ISO14001)/ Certified Inno-Biz/ Acquired several patents
  • 08.01First export of 7th generation LCD Robot to Japan (23 EA)
  • 05.01Developed 8th generation of LCD Link
  • 08.01Developed AnyMill LCV-80 New Model
  • 04.01Participated SIMTOS Machine Tool Exhibition
  • 10.01Participated EMO machine tool exhibition in Milano, Italy
  • 09.01Developed two types of Any mill LCV 50B/40B New Model
  • 03.01Supplied and developed components for Clean Robot
  • 04.01Participated International machine tools exhibition ( SIMTOS ' 2002 )
  • 11.01Awarded with Million Dollars Export Prize
  • 03.01Established company subsidiary Mecha-research institute
  • 08.01Developed four types of equipments including ANYMILL LCV-56, ANYTURN
  • 05.01Construction of SMEC factory in Changwon City completed
  • 04.01Participated in International machine tool exhibition (SIMTOS ' 2000)
  • 01.01Commencement of SMEC factory construction in Changwon City (Land mass 2,100/Building surface 1350)
  • 10.01Registered as venture company
  • 09.01Acquired CE certificate
  • 08.01Admitted as a member company of KITA
  • 06.01SEMC established independent from Samsung Aerospace Inc. as a machine tool building business
  • 05.01Produced a line dedicated to manufacturing Samsung automobile’s TRANSMISSION
  • 01.01Commencement of Samsung Heavy Industry machine tool business

Communication Industry Area

  • 10.012010 Awarded with Grand Prize of Venture Firm by Korean Prime Minister
  • 08.01Supplied large capacity signaling gateway to SK Telecom

    Passed equipment testing by SBC Samsung Electronics

  • 07.01Chosen as the supplier of TG, SG for SSW to LG U+
  • 06.01Chosen as a small and medium sized enterprise with promising export record

    Concluded 1U MGW IOT with German TELES

  • 05.01Signed a MOU with municipal government of Daegu to mutually promote the local industry
  • 04.01Establishment of 대경 headquarters

    Changing of corporate identity from Newgrid Technology Inc. to Newgrid Inc.

  • 10.01Chosen as the supplier for Korea Telecom BcN SBC
  • 07.01Registered as IT business firm in Daejeon city

    Chosen as a high tech firm by the Ministry of Knowledge and Economy

  • 06.01Developed SBC, MGCF
  • 05.01 Listed in KOSDAQ
  • 12.01Chosen as one of "Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific 2009"
  • 10.01Chosen as an excellent R&D partner for KTF
  • 07.01Supplied Korea Telecom with IMS VMG
  • 05.01Awarded with 2008 Korean President’s choice for SMEs
  • 01.01Awarded with Digital Innovation Grand Prize by the Minister of Information and Communication
  • 06.01Chosen as one of 2007 Korean Technology Fast 50
  • 01.01Establishment of Woori proprietor union
  • 08.01Supplied NGTG to Korea Telecom
  • 06.01Chosen as a small and medium sized enterprise with promising export record by Daejeon Export Center
  • 02.01Chosen as the supplier for NEC’s NGMG
  • 01.01Supplied NGMG to Korea Telecom
  • 12.01Certified with quality management system (TL9000)
  • 08.01Supplied NGSG to KTF
  • 07.01Chosen as innovative SME by Small & Medium Business Administration
  • 02.01Supplied trunk gateway (NGTG) and small sized signaling gateway (IPSL) to Samsung Electronics
  • 01.01Supplied signaling gateway (NGSG) to Korea Telecom
  • 11.01Supplied signaling gateway (NGSG) to LG Telecom
  • 08.01Chosen as KTF’s excellent partner with certified technology
  • 07.01Supplied signaling gateway (NGSG) to SK Telecom
  • 09.01Supplied trunk gateway (NGTG) to KT Technology Research Institute
  • 05.01Supplied NGN signaling gateway (NGSG) to KT Technology Research Institute
  • 05.01Installed VoIP gateway (FreeLine) in all branches of Shinhan Investment

    Supplied VoDSL equipment (PMG-240) to Hanaro Telecom

  • 05.01Supplied KTF with Wireless (CDMA) Internet Service Equipment (NIWF)
  • 01.01Developed small sized VoIP gateway (FreeLine)
  • 12.01Developed terminal adaptor AAL2/PSTN
  • 03.01Changed corporate identity to Newgrid Technology Inc.
  • 01.01Developed Wireless (CDMA) Internet Service Equipment (NIWF)
  • 05.01Chosen as promising SME in Daejeon city
  • 04.01Establishment of 운상정보통신* office building

    Certified as a venture firm by Small and Medium Business Administration

  • 05.01Developed internet connection device WLL
  • 04.01Chosen as a promising SME by Woori Bank
  • 07.01Establishment of subsidiary research institute of 운상정보통신(주)

    Chosen as a company that can accept military soldiers for exceptional services

  • 03.01Establishment of 운상정보통신(주) by Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute